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Our Eyewear Products

Dunbar Eyecare Optometry is proud to offer a line of eyewear products of impeccable quality. Because we frequently survey the marketplace, we strive to offer our patients quality products at competitive prices. The careful selection and proper fitting of eyewear is of utmost importance from both an aesthetic and functional perspective. For this reason, our team of eyewear experts are pleased to assist in helping achieve the best of both.

Eyeglass Frames and Lenses

Our eyeglass frame and lens experts will be happy to provide excellent quality, warrantied products to suit every need and budget.

They will do this through:

• Comprehensive consultation on the latest eyeglass lens technology and lens treatments made available to us from the leading lens manufacturers in the world, including Nikon, Essilor, Hoya, Zeiss and Transitions. Our patients benefit from their ongoing research and development of the most innovative technology in single vision and progressive multifocal ophthalmic lenses, intended to deliver the utmost in your quality of vision.

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• Assistance and guidance with the latest in frame style choices that are best suited to your prescription and most flattering to your facial features. Our dispensary carries a wide selection of over 600 frames from an international array of name brands in plastics, metals, and titanium, to suit all budgets. Styles are updated every 3-6 months to assure that your new look is current.

• Adjustment and repair of your current eyeglasses, as needed, in case your glasses have an unplanned misadventure.

• We are able to provide eyeglasses in 2 business days, if needed, depending on your prescription. Please call to inquire.

We are proud to feature the following frame lines:

Alfred Sung
Vision Avenue
etnia barcelona
hugo boss
Thin Light Glasses
john lennon
ray ban
ted baker
vera wang
Ic! Berlin
Our Eyewear

Explore Our Other Products


Sun Protective Eyewear

Our collection features numerous choices of fashionable premium quality sun protection and sun performance eyewear for active lifestyles. These are available in prescription and non-prescription, as well as clip-ons customized to your current eyeglasses.

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sports glasses

Sport Protective Eyewear

As one of a few official Sports Eye Injury Prevention Centers in Vancouver, Dunbar Eyecare Optometry is committed to the cause of protecting your eyes when you play sports, with a line of sport protective eyewear that meet ASTM F803 standards.

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safety glasses

Occupational Safety Eyewear

We are a provider of occupational safety standard eyewear in the workplace. As a member in good standing of the BC Doctors of Optometry Eyesafe BC vision plan, we carry a selection of safety eyewear that is prescription ready with impact resistant lenses to meet your employer’s requirements and protect your vision from potential eye hazards at work.

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photochromic glasses

Photochromic Lenses That Change Color

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of clear eyeglass lenses indoors that are UV activated to turn dark when you step outdoors, giving your eyes 100% protection from harmful UV rays. Gone are the days of being limited to brown or grey photochromic lenses. Technological advances in these lenses allow us to offer our patients a wide array of color options that provide both style and excitement to your look, and an exceptional visual experience. Photochromic lenses are now available in both single vision and progressive multifocal lens options.

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digital glasses

Eyeglass Lenses for Your Digital World

Whatever the device, or whatever your age, we offer the latest advances in lens design and lens treatments to keep you clearly focussed and comfortable. Ask us about blue filtering lens technology to help reduce eyestrain and aging of the eye, anti-fatigue single vision lenses, or task-specific computer lenses to keep you performing at your peak, and enhancing your digital experience.

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children eyewear

Children’s Eyewear

We are pleased to have an extensive collection of quality children’s eyewear, from the toddler years until your children are no longer children! For the active child, our children’s frames are built kid-tough and warrantied in case of any unexpected disasters. For the sporty child, protect their eyes with sport safety standard eyewear that is both comfortable and cool -looking! Our team can explain the vast array of lens options and children’s packages that are best suited to your child and to your budget. A successful fit means clear and comfortable vision in a pair of eyeglasses your child will embrace wearing. Infant eyeglasses are available on special order.

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Myopia Control Therapeutic Lenses
and Soft Contact Lenses

If you are concerned that your child’s nearsightedness may progress, technological advances in eyeglass lenses and contact lenses are providing evidence that we can slow down the trend and potentially reduce a child’s ultimate eyeglass prescription.

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Contact Lenses

We are proud to provide our patients with the newest innovations from all the major manufacturers in soft disposable contact lenses, guaranteed to be authentic at competitive pricing*, with the option to direct ship to your door.

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eyecare wellness
eyecare wellness

Eyecare Wellness

Keeping eyes healthy sometimes involves taking care of them at home. We offer a line of professional grade products to do just that, including eye surface lubricants, moisture heat eye masks, eyelid and lashes care, nutriceuticals, and contact lens solutions.

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Dunbar Eyecare Optometry
3554 West 41st Avenue, Suite 2
Suite 2
Vancouver, BC
V6N 3E6
Tel: 604 263-8874